Minute distribution now that Livingston might be a 4

Now that Cal knows our best five along with the rest of us and has decided that Livingston might play some 4(or more likely convinced Livingston and camp that he was going to play some 4) damn this sentence is getting too long maybe I should wrap it up...

Here is my thinking on minute distribution in close games:

Wallace: 32 minutes
Reeves: 32 minutes
Frederick: 28 minutes(injury protocol)
Toppin: 32 minutes
Oscar: however many he wants

Now that Livingston can play the 4 I see no need for Ware or Collins or Onyenso to see the court in close games. I'd of course give Wheeler
Wallace's backup minutes and I'd split the 20 wing minutes between Wheeler and Thiero.

When Wallace and Wheeler are on the court together I like the idea of Wheeler on the wing. Wheeler's 3 point percentage for the year isn't bad and the corner three should be the easiest since it's the shortest(I think, I know it is in the NBA) and I think Wheeler would be a 3 point threat from the corner if that was the only place his practice and game threes occurred. He would also cause some havoc by beating people down the baseline sometimes.

Just the thoughts of a completely unqualified Baskteball Bennie.