This is Worth FIVE (5!!) Seed Lines?!

The difference in these two resumes is worth FIVE f*cking seed lines? Can anyone call Lunardi out on his biased BS?

DUKE (6 Seed Projected)

Record: 17-7 (getting blasted by 20 right now against Miami)

NET Ranking: 25

Q-1 Games: 2-7
Q-2 Games: 5-0
Q-3 Games: 2-0
Q-4 Games: 8-0

Best Win: #17 Miami (home)

(Their 2nd Q1 win is against Ohio State who has lost 9 of their last 10 games and I have no idea why the NET ranks them at 41).

Unranked Losses: Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia Tech

Kentucky (11 Seed Projected)

Record: 16-7

NET Ranking: 31

Q-1 Games: 1-6
Q-2 Games: 6-0
Q-3 Games: 3-0
Q-4 Games: 6-1

Best Win: #5 Tennessee (away)

That difference in resume is worth 5 (FIVE) Seed Lines according to Joe Lunardi?!

Can anyone explain it??? We're "on the bubble" and they are battling to get a top-5 seed???