Animal Study Thread - The Great Florida White Rino and other misc topics that may involve multiple posts in a row

Lot of concerned animal conservationists actually post on the Paddock and I feel as though this is a greatly underrepresented topic: The Great Florida White RINO.

In Washington DC, our great Republican leader Mitch McConnell has been working very hard with Paul Ryan to preserve and promote the Great Florida White RINO because some unruly poachers want to continue to import the highly invasive species known as the Big Fat Loud Orange Howler Monkey and of course the results have been devastating. Everything the toxic orange chimp touches turns to arse water.

The Orange Howler Monkey fans need to understand what the situation is and get with the program. Support our RINO and get your RINO cards out and let Mitch and Paul stamp them for you. Save the Great Florida White RINO and just say NO to orange!

The last time Jeff Brohm coached in the Governor’s Cup

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WE SHUT THEM OUT. Hunter Cantthrow. Offensive Guru Jeff Brohm was the OC. Because UofL fans know he understands the rivalry and he’s gonna do so well lol

Ok and bring Brian Brohm too. He came to Lexington twice and the first time he about choked away a big lead to a terrible team we had and then Stevie got loose. Brian lost the biggest game in the rivalry’s history.

Give me some Brohm. He was basically Satterfield at Purdue. He won’t recruit better than us. We’ll still own them.

Hey all you lurkers at Cardinal Sports. I was banned for no reason and I wanted to let you know that we’re your daddy.

4 straight
5 of 6.

And it’s not ending next year or the next…Bobby 3.0 isn’t gonna save you. You can live in the past of dominating your mid-major league while we didn’t put money into football. That’s changed. We’re daddy right now. Beat us before you talk crap.

Brohm ain’t taking you to the promised land. You aren’t some sleeping giant waiting to be a national power. You moved up to big boy football and you’ve been average ever since. Stop the delusions.

Congrats on Jeff “slightly better than Satt” Brohm who is gonna stop us because…checks notes…he’s gonna recruit your own city better lol. You can have that city and we’ll take Fredrick Douglass and the rest of the state.

Talk trash when you can keep a game close. You are TOO LITTLE. And once the Clemson/FSU/Miami cut out, you’re back to being a poverty conference team.

Britney Griner - What is your Opinion?

What was she thinking? If you are going to visit other countries you better be aware of their laws. To make matters worse she is a Lesbian and most Americans know that Russia doesn't have the same LGBT laws. People are executed for being gay in Russia. No doubt she is being targeted because she is a gay female american athlete.

Forbes released a report she might be part of a Prisoner Swap. Does she get any priority over U.S. Marine Mickey Bergman? Maybe she will be packaged up with Bergman in exchange for the Russian Arms Dealer the U.S. has in prison.

Given the War in Ukraine she might be in a Russian prison for a while.

Matt Jones just tweeted new OC could be named tomorrow or Tuesday

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Matt says, if it gets worked out, UK fans will ne happy. I looked up Coen’s Twitter account. His attached photo may have been unchanged since he joined the Rams but he and his young son are wearing Kentucky blue.

I share this for what it’s worth.

Share your Cawood story.

I'm sure many of you met Cawood Ledford, or even knew him. Care to share your favorite Cawood story?

I don't have anything great. But, growing up by Indy, (and before internet streaming) it was always a treat when dad could pick up UK games over the radio. It wasn't very often, and less often was it very clear. I didn't understand it at the time, but dad really made it seem like Cawood was just as much a part of the UK experience as the players themselves. Glad I had those times.