China Building 15 New Coal Fired Power Plants

According to a report from the World Resources Institute, the United States can add 4.5 million jobs per year for 10 years if it invests in clean energy and low-carbon growth strategies.

The International Renewable Energy Agency’s 2021 Renewable Energy and Jobs annual review projects that global renewable energy jobs will increase from 12 million in 2020 to 38 million by 2030 and 43 million by 2050.

That sounds pretty good for the economy to me.
73.4% of stats are made up.

OT: Bryce Hopkins big man on Providence campus: leads in mins, shots taken and made, points and rebounds.

Cal doesn't build rosters. We used to say he just took the best recruits available, and that he was just going to out-talent everyone. Then he started with his positionless basketball garbage, and he hasn't looked back sense. He will literally put a big anywhere on the court.
How do you build rosters when kids will not stay ??

Forgot how good they were

Pre Poythress injury 15 was better. Only question really is the Harrison’s dealing with the press. 96 had no answer for Towns. Nobody really had an answer for WCS. Post injury, 96 probably better.
The 96 team definitely had an answer for KAT. It shutdown Tim Duncan. As far as Willie goes, he wasn’t much of an offensive threat. I’d take 96 8 out of 10 times. Not that 2015 wasn’t one hell of a team, 96 was just better IMO, but there’s no way to ever know.

Bump If You Want Cal Fired

What happened to the other dead bump thread that was going to last till he was gone? Funny how not one poster as offered even a token contribution to make it happen. If about 2500 of the hate boys pony up about 10 grand each, yalll might make some waves. Otherwise this is just a closed room in a bean eating contest. Lot of hot air and a lot of stink.
I did

Bump If You Want Cal Fired

That has to be a troll, right? So if Cal ran an absolutely perfect offense and we had wide open shots every single shot but the players were 0-67 shooting, it would be on the coach, not the players?? What are you smoking? Because I’d sure love to try it for myself. You can’t truly be that dumb…
Sounds like he needed to schedule more shooting practice for the team and less go run go, no? Cal literally said he didn’t run a single play in the second half not to long ago.

Baker Mayfield Dashes Kentucky Fans’ Hopes

If he really is interested in the job, why can't he just announce that at the end of their season he will be taking the OC job at Kentucky? Looks like he is holding out for a better job. The longer this drags out the harder it will be to wrap up recruiting the portal and recruiting current players to stay.

It could also be that people jumped to conclusions and he isn't the one were waiting on. He might be but we won't know for sure until this is over. We need it done and announced before the signing period. If I were a recruit, I wouldn't go on just the word of the head coach that Coach ________ will be here when you get here. I want them actually at the job.

We dont need Coen right now. Sign him, let him stay w/ Rams

I'm going to throw up if we sign Gino Guidugli just because we think we need him calling some 3 star wide receiver 4 hours a day next week.
There's not a recruit we have that is worth the step down.
This staff hasn't done shyt for 11 months recruiting. 1 more is fine.
As long as Coen is here in March for Spring practice.
Heck we already got Tanner Bowles and Graham Mertz is practically here.

8,000,000 Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

I didn't read the other thread but do you think the American tax payer should be stuck with student loan debt? If so, why? What about those that pursue a different vocation that costs money but doesn't fall under the University Education umbrella? Should we pay for that as well? Should the American tax payer just cover the cost for all college expenses?
Uhmm, I haven't thought about it.🤷‍♀️