From 3-2 to 15-7 and from 1-3 in the SEC to 6-3!!!

For those mathematically challenged UK is 12-5 since the 3-2 start and 5-0 in the SEC since the 1-3 start.

I tried to tell you guys this team is coming around. Every yr isnt going to be 1948 or 1978 or 1996 or 2012 or 2015.

Sometimes we are going to have to roll up our Big Blue Sleeves and work extra hard for what we want.

Last time I checked, that’s the American way!

See you Sat. night in a sold out Rupp Arena for a nice Gator Gig.

Gator…..taste’s like KFC!!!!


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I stumbled across the biggest Cal slurping group in the world on Facebook.

it’s called True Kentucky Basketball BBN Fans- No Cal Bashing or Haters.

Here’s a sample post:

I typed this out as a reply to a Cal hater discussing why anyone cares about the NBA and why Cal doesn't focus on "having Great College Players"

What is the purpose of college Coach Professor or a Teacher who is teaching kids the ages of UK basketball players?
Let's look at that a little. A Fan thinks a coach is only supposed WIN EVERY GAME SO THEYCAN BE HAPPY AS A FAN.
I look at it differently. Let's look at Cal as a highly paid Professor at UK (A Coach/Teacher of the game) His goal/job is to teach kids and get them to be successful in college, teach them skill they don't have or still learning and hopefully make it into their career of choice...all the while trying to win basketball games to keep the FAN happy.
If their first job is the NBA, great, he is preparing them for that. If it is in accounting, great. A doctor, great!
His job is to teach his kids/students how to be a part of a team (workforce) and fill a role (prominent or not). His job is teaching a person who only "practices" and doesn't get the "publicity" (like and accountant in back room of a successful business) to fill that role and do their part to help the company. His job is to teach kids how to look at adversity and how to power through it towards success.
To me, a loss is like a kid "failing a chemistry test" except fans call it "he can't coach" but not telling the Chem Professor she "can't teach" or he is wasting a kids learning ability . A win, but against a bad team is a student getting a D and barely passing a test...but one could say the professor "didn't teach it right" or used the right book to teach it and almost made the student fail.
Why is Cal expected to do anything different than a professor of a university? Should a professor be fired or expected to make sure all his students pass with straight A's (no losses in a season)? If a Student on Scholarship leaves UK and move to say...University of Alabama to finish their studies, should UK start firing professors who allowed a student to do bad a semester and chooses another path or returns closer to home or family?

I think this is where many unhappy Cal fans need to check their happiness and understand his job is more focused on the kids as opposed to their happiness. Lengthy...but feel free to share and maybe someone who has a kid in sports one day being TAUGHT by a COACH... will understand sports are about WAY MORE than winning/losing.

SEC #2 Seed

Hope Alabama wins all of its remaking games.

Tennessee, TAMU and Auburn are all 7-2 and we are 6-3 with tie breaker wins over TN and TAMU.

Alabama plays all and with another loss by each of these teams (providing we beat Auburn at home) means our records would could end tied at the end of the season.

We win tie breakers and have a 2seed in the opposite bracket from Alabama in the SEC tournament

Very possible outcome

Went to the Purdue game last night ...

It was so refreshing to experience the following things:

1. A wild, engaged, rowdy crowd with a large student section near the court. Against Penn State. Not IU, Duke, Gonzaga, but Penn State.

2. A modern offense. Three-pointers were flying from everywhere (both teams, actually) as Zach Edey touched the ball nearly every possession, drew a double-team and either scored or kicked it out to an open shooter. He didn't have another non-shooting big clogging the lane with him.

3. A team filled with in-state Mr. Basketball and Mr. Basketball Runners-Up (plus their All American star) passing, cutting, working their asses off on defense, and having fun. Not saying UK needs to fill its roster with that profile, it was just nice to see. Felt like the days when basketball was pure. Tons of communication between players, and guys taking serious pride in defensive stops.

4. A coach that didn't scream, point to every spot on the floor to micro-manage players' every movement, or sub every time a player made a mistake.

5. A dominant performance that you'd expect from the #1 ranked team. They didn't mail it in, sleep-walk, or come out sluggish. Wire to wire, the place was bonkers and Purdue was out for blood.

6. Great plays being run to get guys open - Shrewsberry did it, too, his players were just out-matched - especially out of bounds plays or right out of a timeout.

7. The feeling that every possession mattered.

I could go on ... and say what you want about Matt Painter not getting to a Final Four .... blah blah blah ... but ....

... Kentucky basketball needs a re-boot on many levels, and it starts with John Calipari, friends. I was one of his biggest supporters when he arrived, and feel like the used car salesman tricked me and made me look like a fool to my friends years later. It is what it is. I enjoyed the ride, but it's time to move on.

Additionally, Rupp Arena just has to change. It needs to become a modern college basketball arena. Purists can point to "Big Game Rupp" and whatever, but you're hanging onto something that (a) isn't as big as you want it to be, and (b) should exist most games like it does elsewhere, creating a true home court advantage. Mackey Arena is nicer than Rupp, has far more amenities for fans in the concourse, lounges for people to watch other games, socialize and drink at halftime, and booster rooms where that crowd is treated like kings. I'm sure there are many more around the country that are similar. The blue hairs have soft leather chairs with high backs behind the media tables and they didn't seem to mind the noise/craziness. Former Purdue president and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was one of them.

Sucks to feel this way about UK basketball after nearly 40 years of watching every game, investing enormous sums of money to support the program, and wanting to raise my boys to enjoy it like I did growing up. This program is a shell of what it was, and what it could be. It's currently just a quick stop for AAU stars before trying to get on an NBA team.

State of 2024 Recruiting

Here is a partial list of hs players in the 2024 class who have reportedly received UK scholarship offers-

Liam Andrews, OL, Brookline, MA
Isaiah Autry, OL, Tupelo, MS
Jeremiah Beasley, ATH, Belleville, MI
Kaleb Beasley, DB, Nashville, TN
Mazeo Bennett, WR, Greenville, SC
KJ Bolden, ATH, Buford, GA
Boo Carter, ATH, Chattanooga, TN
Gavin Chadwell, TE, Barbourville, KY
Cooper Cousins, OT, Erie, PA
TA Cunningham, DL, Alpharetta, GA
Brandon Davis-Swain, DL, Bloomfield, MI
Tyseer Denmark, WR, Philadelphia, PA
Noah Dixon, DB, Lagrange, GA
Jonathon Echols, DE, Franklin, GA
Sincere Edwards, LB, Apopka, FL
Ondre Evans, ATH, Nashville, TN
Zion Ferguson, DB, Loganville, FL
Waltclaire Flynn, OL, Loganville, GA
Stacy Gage, RB, Bradenton, FL
Tayvion Galloway, TE, Chillicothe, OH
Carson Gentle, LB, Chattanooga, TN
Braden Graham, QB, Nashville, TN
Eric Handley, QB, Fairfield, AL
Jaylen Harvey, LB, Gaithersburg, MD
Jewett Hayes, TE, Cincinnati, OH
Timajay Hayes, LB, Melbourne, FL
Brandon Heyward, ATH, Oak Ridge, TN
Eddrick Houston, LB, Buford, GA
KJ Jackson, QB, Montgomery, AL
Kari Jackson, LB, Bradenton, FL
Myles Jackson, QB, Long Beach, CA
Renzo Jennings, DB, Belleville, MI
Hayes Johnson, OL, Campbellsville, KY
Nathaniel Johnson, OL, Belleville, MI
Peter Jones, OL, Malvern, PA
Braylen Kitty, OL, Hilton Head, SC
Jak Lindsey, OL, Owensboro, KY
Nick Marsh, WR, River Rouge, MI
Isaiah Marshall, QB, Southfield, MI
Jordan Marshall, RB, Cincinnati, OH
Quinton Martin, ATH, Belle Vernon, PA
JacQwan McRoy, OL, Fairfield, AL
Elijah Moore, WR, Olney, MD
Jabari Murphy, WR, Eclectic, AL
Prentiss Noland, QB, Fairburn, GA
Jacob Oden, ATH, Harper Woods, MI
Eddy Pierre-Louis, DL, Tampa, FL
James Randle, WR, Daytona Beach, FL
Dante Reno, QB, Windsor, CT
Aaron Scott, ATH, Holland, OH
Jacob Smith, DE, Windsor, CT
Jerod Smith, DE, Windsor, CT
Maealiuaki Smith, QB, San Mateo, CA
Joseph Stone, ATH, Loganville, GA
Jaylen Thompson, DB, Murfreesboro, TN
Josiah Thompson, OL, Dillon, SC
David Washington, WR, Philadelphia, PA
James Robinson, DB, Belleville, MI
Landen Thomas, TE, Moultrie, GA
Hank Weber, DL. Brentwood, TN
Bryce West, ATH, Cleveland, OH
Tyshun White, DB, Buford, GA
Brayshon Williams, DB, Lakeland, FL
Brandon Winton, ATH, Bradenton, FL
Damarion Witton, ATH, Cleveland, OH