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Good opportunity to spend some money and potentially win more back. Our friend has put this together in the hope of reducing costs to play. Good coach, better person! Hoping the power of BBN shows!

Opportunity to get in on super bowl squares and support the Puma's AAU organization. $20 per square, winner paid out every quarter ($250).

Go in, set up an account (1 minutes) select your square or squares and pay the coach through one of the following cash applications.


Cash App

If you win, you will be paid back through the app you used; Venmo or Cash App

Last 4 digits of his phone # is 7055.

Sometimes Venmo requests this information


One thing that Stoops is absolutely without peer

Without question, in my 50 years as a fan, Mark Stoops is the worst “in game” coach in the history of college football. I have never seen a coach who is such a poor game manager, literally, it makes no difference how big a lead we have, there will be no adjustments and the other team will always have a chance. When ULL ran the spread option in last season’s opener the whole second half and nearly came back from a 33-10 deficit, I sat there in amazement. Then UL did the same thing with a true freshman QB making up a 21 point deficit (in fact, UK was up by 17 midway through the 3rd quarter!!). So last night, where USM scored on 6 on 7 straight possessions was certainly nothing new.

Second, UK has recruited better in certain areas, e.g., WR, and secondary. However, the recruiting and or development of other positions is vastly over rated. Our O line and D line is no better than it ever has been, which is really poor by Power 5 conference standards. Losing Tubman, Hatcher and Meant off of what was already a poor defensive front was just a killer. Not that they were world beaters either.

Third, watch some other teams play. I have long thought that Kentucky should aspire to be the Wisconsin of the SEC, which was historically a bottom feeder program in the Big 10. No one will convince me that Wisconsin is a hotbed of HS football talent. Yet they always are well coached, have hired not one but several good ones in a row. To see how they controlled the game against LSU and pulled off the win was just another good example. To tell you the truth, but for a couple of lucky defensive plays, Wisconsin would have routed LSU.

Forget recruiting, and fancy offensive schemes , just get a good coach (like Rich Brooks) that can actually run a program, has a clue about special teams (about which Stoops is utterly clueless), and can teach blocking and tackling

2024 Guard Trent Noah Drops 66 on Cordia

This kid doesn’t get the name push that a couple others do in the 13th Region, but he has been on an absolute tear! A 6’7 guard with handles, range and elite level skill that can drop any pass on a dime. Great kid and an even better teammate!

Harlan County defeated Cordia 128-105 Saturday.