My God, What a Difference a Decade Has Made . . .

Back when Stoops was hired I held out hope b/c the cats pause had mentioned that Tim Couch was on the committee that helped advise the new coach and he endorsed him. Mainly because of their family ( Vince M. included )
& the influence they had in football rich Ohio. The deuce liked that and his commitment to defense having been a DC at the recent Seminole squads run. I can remember not knowing much about him but hearing Couch was behind him gave me hope for better days.

I’m a long suffering Cats 🏈 fan and appreciate the climb. The great thing about coach Stoops is he is willing to change and adapt.

Our best guys have been developed into their best while here save Wandale and a few other naturaly talented guys. But Josh Allen , Benny & CJ and the many others that were developed here gives hope. Many years hope was about all we had to rely on. So glad the man is always adapting. Just hate to have pay for play move the goalposts( but glad people get compensated for their value) just hope it doesn’t throw us behind after we found a gritty coach who gives a chance on the recruiting trail.

Should Super Bowl be on Saturday or Sunday?

The Super Bowl, were it on Saturday, would be a hell of a party every year. So obviously it would be better to have it that day.

However, ratings only count number of households watching as opposed to people, and therefore ratings will diminish if they move it to Saturday. Therefore it will never happen.

And btw, the last thing the NFL wants is people taking off school and work on Monday.

Yep. But on the last part.. What do they care?

I always heard that part of the reason for having it on a Sunday is for all the media circus to get a ton of build up for it.

What they REALLY should do, is add a 2nd bye week for teams now that they added another week of games (because I'm tired of teams being decimated by injuries), which would move the season back one week, which would then cause the superbowl to land on Presidents day weekend, where many people would have Monday off.

Or, if we absolutely can't give teams a 2nd bye week, just move the whole season up one week.

With a 17 game season, we're now just one week away from a 3-day holiday weekend. It makes way too much sense to take advantage of this.

Should we even show up tomorrow??

All I'm reading is how great Arkansas is and how hard a game it's gonna be for us....All I know is they started 1-5 in the SEC....i would like to hear how difficult it is gonna be for Arkansas to deal with about us being confident instead of scared to death
You are obviously reading the wrong shit. We are a 5 1/2 point favorite. I think you are just trying to start shit.