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Never really got Kentuckians making fun of people from Tenn. or vice versa. Aside from school loyalty people from Kentucky and Tenn (at least the eastern parts) aren't really all that different. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle
It annoys me too but is kinda the epitome of us being a border state between the North and South and Midwest. You have parts of the state the relate more to Ohio, Indiana, Mizzou, and Kansas even if 70% of the counties relate more to the southeast.

I mean you see it within our own state and on this board cracking jokes at EKY and “billy bob from Pike Co”. My Freshman year at UK I had a professor ask if anyone in the class was from Pikeville and then proceeded to state that they wouldn’t pass his class and were inbred and backwards. Multiple other examples of ppl making comments like “pikeville is where the blue ppl are from (inaccurate but when have facts mattered)”